Who We Are

Our Story

Another standard food show was never our goal. We wanted to create a platform specifically for California-based brands to meet buyers from around the world and highlight our state’s rich and diverse food culture.

It began with the Fresno Food expo, which launched in July of 2010. This locally-minded event successfully brought attention and pride to the California’s San Joaquin Valley. Still, we dreamed bigger.

What we did for the Valley, we wanted to do for the entire state. That’s why, after the 2018 Fresno Food Expo, we sunset the Fresno brand and evolved into the California Food Expo.

There are so many different kinds of foods and producers in California, but most people have no idea. The purpose of our food experience is really to tell the complete story of California food. - Amy Fuentes, Expo Manager


Empower California food and beverage brands to thrive by facilitating business relationships, catalyzing collective pride, and uplifting the California food brand.


The go-to platform for California food and beverage brands that want to grow their businesses, connect with industry peers, and make the California food brand known around the world.

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