Media Inquiries & Credential Policy

Media Credential Policy: Thank you for your interest in the California Food Expo. Due to the high volume of credential and ticket requests received every year, we have implemented a strict media and online news source policy to efficiently accommodate qualified working media.

We will do our best to review and accommodate all media requests promptly by responding, if at all possible, within a 24-hour period upon receipt of your written request.

Qualifications: Reporters and photographers will not be issued media credentials unless they submit proof of employment/contract with a news organization. This could include a hard draft or electronic letter from a news director, editor or similar authority. This includes freelance reporters and photographers. No business cards or bylined articles will be accepted. The letter must be on original media organization letterhead and include a phone number of proper contact at the news organization if further information and clarification be necessary.

Bloggers and other online reporters will not be issued a press pass unless they can provide documentation of substantial web traffic/viewership (Google Analytics Reports or other qualified web traffic reporting tool) and their blog/online news source must be at least one year old. Each media credential request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and it is at the discretion of the Expo Management to grant the media credentials.

Media passes are not available to high school and college journalism or photography classes. Passes are given to college/high school newspaper staff on a case-by-case basis. An application must be submitted by the newspaper faculty advisor to be considered.

How To Request Media Credentials: Email credential request including name, media organization and title to the Communications Department at or


How To Obtain Media Credentials: All persons representing media organizations that request official media credentials and privileges during the Expo will be issued an official media credential upon employment verification. Media representatives will need to carry proof of employment at the news outlet identified on their Expo media credential (i.e. employee badge/station badge).

Media credentials used for purposes other than to conduct work on behalf of your media organization while at the Expo may be revoked. This includes all unauthorized persons who are in possession of or misuse media credentials.

For all media inquiries, please contact: Debbie Nalchajian-Cohen at or 222-1322.